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Better Sine Wave

How is sine wave … better? I initial discovered the sine wave ten years past and was hooked from the start – it looked as if it would describe market activity in any time-frame far more elegantly than a moving average or Elliott wave series might.

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Since then I’ve additional to the raw cycle measurement a part of the code and improved upon it – that’s why I decision my version “better”. The Better Sine Wave includes: “Smart” support and resistance levels once value is sport and in congestion
Pull Back and finish of Trend signals once value is in trending mode
No cycle “glitches” once used with Forex knowledge, and
Input data smoothing employing a good algorithmic rule

Better sine wave

Today, I couldn’t trade without the better sine wave – on behalf of me, it puts everything in context. Showing Pine Tree State what the market structure is – square measure we tend to in consolidation and waiting to interrupt out into a trend or square measure we tend to within the middle of a trend and watching for the market to high (or bottom) out.

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