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Renko Day Chart

Renko charts were other to our commerce technique methods, and a renko chart base trade setup became what I used most often for futures day commerce. And ever since that point, I actually have conjointly puzzled whether or not I might develop a profitable renko chart day commerce system that might be listed automatically.

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I was fine with the renko day chart forex and a mix of renko charts and value tick charts. I likable exploitation the renko charts for day trade setups, and a tick chart locating key costs, momentum extremes, and obtaining a clearer verify whether or not the market was consolidating.
However variety of individuals in our coaching cluster would favor the simplicity of exploitation the renko charts solely – therefore i started the project of attempting to develop a renko chart system for futures day commerce.

Renko day chart

I still have some changes that i’m considering, however the first keys to the renko day chart forex results to date have been: (1) there ar a lot of winners than losers (2) the common win size is larger than the common loss size (3) several of the largest moves also will embody trade size and profitability addon which will maximize trade size and profitableness.

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